beginner mountain bike
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"When I reach the summit of a steep mountain in the middle of nowhere, I feel young, invincible, eternal - It's as if I'm connecting with some legacy or with some energy far greater than myself."

- Simon Schocken

beginner mountain bike

welcome to outside guide

I couldn't be more thrilled that you hit the brakes and stopped by our site, because it means you're considering making one of the best decisions of your life. You want to get outside and be more active - two of the most noble pursuits one can undertake. Other noble pursuits include finding a cure for chronic social media addiction or learning to play the bluegrass cello.

But let's get back to bikes.

I built Outside Guide to make saddling up and getting started with mountain biking easier than ever. By getting to know a little about you, Outside Guide will steer you to some of the best bikes that meet your specific needs. Consider this your North Star in the journey to outdoor sprts euphoria.

Want to know how to translate all of the sport jargon or where you can turn to discover more about your sport? Check out the starter dictionary with some terms to be familiar with and other resources on the web that will help you get your wheels turning.

I've spent the hours riding, researching, and having conversations with the pros to find out what you need to know to get started so you don't have to. I hope your next adventure brings you new life and that Outside Guide helped make it a little easier to get rolling.

beginner mountain bike

A Little About Me

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Jack Burum, founder

Back in the fall of 2017, I wanted to start mountain biking the trails where I lived in Northern Virginia. I spent a lot of time getting familiar with the sport trying to figure out what I needed to know and what bike would be the best fit for me. I remember thinking there had to be simpler way to get outside faster, so I built the website I wish had existed when I was getting started.

Outside Guide wouldn't have been possible without the continued work and support of my friend and brilliant designer, Hareem Mannan.

I'm continuously working to make this the best site possible. That is best done through feedback from you :). You can email me here with any questions or ideas you may have, I would love to hear from you.