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Giro hex grey orange


~ $80

Why we like this:

To properly protect your head you will want a helmet that is lightweight, well ventilated, and most importantly provides excellent protection for your head. The Giro Hex accomplishes all of this and is also very friendly to adjustments. It comes equipped with 21 ventilation sockets for breathability, and is well tested for durability (after testing with 6,600 hundred rides the helmet continued to perform flawlessly).

Mtb gloves


~ $9

Why we like this:

You will want gloves that are a combination of breathable, durable, provide strong grip and padding. These Gearonic cycling gloves share those characteristics. The half fingered design and mesh back provides breathability and the abrasion foam pads provide the support needed for feature heavy rides. If you purchase a bike through OG, we include these gloves as a sincere thank you for your support.

Bike pump


~ $38

Why we like this:

Having properly inflated tires makes a big difference in your experience on the trail. Deflated tires will make for a more difficult ride. Overinflated could lead to puncture. For this we recommend the Vibrelli Floor Pump with comes with an easy to read PSI gauge. You bike will have PSI recommendations, but below we link to a chart that will give you a general sense of your PSI needs based on bike type.

Multi tool

Multi Tool

~ $9

Why we like this:

On the trails nuts and bolts come loose, without a multi-tool on the trail you will be dependent upon a good samaraton helping you out in a bind, or worse your right comes to an end and you bring the bike into the shop only to find out you just needed an allen wrench to tighten a few loose screws. Be less helpless on the trails with this 16 piece multi tool that comes with 6 allen key sizes, a hex wrench, both screwdriver heads, and more.


Hydration Pack

~ $70

Why we like this:

Mountain biking is two parts fun, and one part exhausting. With a strenuous workout, you need to keep hydrated and a pack will make it a lot easier to do so, with quick access to water. This Camelback Pack comes with 2.5L of water capacity and enough room to store your wallet, keys, phone, and a few other miscellaneous items.

Bike rack

Car Rack

~ $200

Why we like this:

If you're okay with your car getting muddy and you have the space for a mountain bike you won't need a rack for travel, otherwise the Thule ProRide would be a good investment. This rack is known easy mountain and excellent clamps for stability. It is a roof rack, so if you're looking for a trunk rack the Allen Sports Delux is a quality product for your needs.

Bike lock


~ $25

Why we like this:

Protect your investment with a quality lock. We highly recommend a steel lock to avoid theft. You can find cheaper locks, but they are an easier target as most of them are vulnerable to been cut. A well known lock company is Kryptonite. The KryptoLock is 13mm of steel u-lock with a 4' cable provided for extensibility.

Bike cover 2

Saddle Cover

~ $10

Why we like this:

Mountain Bikes are designed with bike quality in mind first a foremost and we love the manufacturers for that, but this means bike saddle comfort is sometimes overlooked. If you're not in love with your saddle, you can either buy a new one or try a gel seat cover for added padding. Zacro Gel Cover is known to sustain comfortability during even the longest rides.

Bike light

Rechargeable Bike Light

~ $20

Why we like this:

If your bike is going to double as a commuter bike or you plan on doing any night riding, bike lights are a must. You don't want to be caught in the dark without them to guide the way. The overwhelmingly popular Blitzu Gator is a favorite for a reason. It is rechargeable and after a two hours of charging you get a full two hours of light on the highest setting and also comes with a taillight at no extra cost.

Bike pants

MTB Pants

~ $20

Why we like this:

You'll want pants that are breathable and durable. The 4ucycling athletic pants are both and they are also fleece lined, if you are riding in cooler elements.